Involved in a Car Accident?

We all make mistakes. Let us help you fight back!

We'll Help Save You Time, Money, and Aggravation

Accident tickets are unique. Want to know why?

Accident tickets are not like any other type of ticket because, in most cases, the police officer who wrote the ticket does not see the accident. In our opinion, this is another example of the system being about money and not public safety. How can an officer who did not witness an accident be allowed to issue a citation? Seems crazy. If you agree, Unger & Kowitt is here to help you fight back.

Did you know, because the officer didn't see what happened, the officer cannot testify against you at your trial? This is a huge advantage and you should not let it go to waste.

Our experience has shown us that accident tickets get dismissed more than other types of traffic tickets. Read more about why you should fight accident tickets here.

Look at your accident ticket. There is a box that says "injury to another." Is that box checked "yes" or "no"? This can play a big factor in how your case is handled. Call our office at 866-374-8355 to find out, or send us an email.

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Customer Reviews

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"Took care of some nasty tickets for me, super easy! Signed some papers, paid and they handled everything else! Didn't have to even show up for court!"

Derek F.

Miami, FL - Yelp!

"Awesome service! Great communication from Unger & Kowitt and my citation was resolved with very little effort on my part. I wish other services can be just as easy to use as this team!"

Greg M.

Plantation, FL - Facebook

"I hired Unger and Kowitt to handle my son's speeding ticket and they got the case dismissed. Police officers love to target young men so it was his third ticket for less than 10 mph over speed limit."

Hans L.

Plantation, FL - Google

"I was doing 30 in a 15, $500 fine, Kevin and his team got this ticket dismissed with not even a court fine. Much obliged, well worth the $79. Thanks again Kevin and team."


Pembroke Pines, FL - AVVO

"The staff at this location is so awesome. They clearly explain what your options are and how you can move forward. I was impressed with the way these gals addressed an elderly man who had a first time traffic violation."

Evelyn G.

Margate, FL - Google

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